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I shoot lead bullets almost exclusively just because they are much cheaper. I shoot in a pistol league where speed is the focus(well after safety) and accuracy isn't super critical. So I make my reloads wimpy to keep recoil at a minimum.

I've been using 155 grain SWC bullets. My softest shooting loads is that bullet with 3.6 gr of Clays. Clays can be a touchy powder in that it typically has a very narrow usable range as far as the charge weight goes. So I generally don't recommend it for someone just starting out reloading. I've shot a couple thousand of these and never had a problem.

I also like Win 231(same as HP-38) and Power Pistol. The beauty of these powder is that they are very fine grained, so they feed very well through measurers which provides consistant charges.

With 231, I use 5.5 grains with the 155 grain bullet.

With Power Pistol, I use 6.5 grains.

The 231 and Power Pistol load have noticably more recoil than the clays load, but they are still very easy shooting.
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