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In the 'Fifties I was a young soldier and my company commander heard that I had experience with "firearms" (the term "gun" was not used in the Army except for crew served weapons.) and he offered me the job of company armorer. Did I ever jump at that! Earned a strip for that as well.

As armorer, I was in charge of 250 M1 rifles, 30 M1 and M2 carbines, two dozen .45s M1911A1s, 24 Browning Automatic Rifles, M1918A2, assorted Browning macnine guns, two 106mm recoiless rifles, four 81mm Mortars, and one .50 Browning M2. (The term MaDuece is relatively new, maybe Viet Nam or later.) There were maybe twelve Ruger Mk 1 .22 Pistols, and maybe thirty or forty M3 submachine guns.

Having said this, every .45 I had in my charge was pieced up. The company commander getting the best looking one, of course. I had the most accurate, as did the rest of the pistol team. It was nothing for armorers to switch parts around as required.

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