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Here is a pic of me hoarding Braz 1908 rifles.
By mid 2009 I was learning how to take them apart.

By mid 2010 I had converted two of them to 7mmRM with old Rem and Win take off barrels, by opening the bolt face, opening the extractor, opening the feed lips of the receiver, cutting off the threads, cutting new threads, cutting the chamber, welding the bolt handles, drilling and tapping for scope mounts, and putting old VZ24 stocks on them with glass bedding, And then putting large Limbsaver recoil pads on the stocks.
And then shooting 7mmRM handloads of 180 gr bullets in excess of 3000 fps.
Those loads are past the SAAMI limit of 61,000 psi for 7mmRM.

Because the belted magnum has a larger case head and interior diameter, there is more bolt thrust for a given pressure, compared to the Mauser case head.

What does it all mean?
Yes the 1908 Mausers are strong... They are 1898 type Mausers.
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