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The best analysis I can think of to determine what actions can be learned from would involve the actual actor in the scenario. Everybody else is just guessing and offering their personal filters on what should be done.

The best I have heard is shoot until the threat ceases. Simply put if moving left was a good idea, or dropping and lining up the sights, or firing four quick ones while running to right for cover, or .... It will never be the exact same again. Any one of these particular actions might get you killed the next time.

Bottom line is I am not a LEO and will not be chasing any bank robbers, thiefs, or any other low life creature. Those that put themselves in harms way might benefit from such analysis, but it seems to me that can very confusing as one time a particular tactic was successful, the next time it might get you killed. A guy answered his door recently with his hand gun and was killed by the police that had come a knocking.

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