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Hooo boy. This is the part where I lay claim to the OP as my daughter, as well as out her as a bit of a troll; She knew the answer before she posted. Upon reading her post I reminded her that she had actually hunted for 4 years now, not 3. It should also be noted that her aversion is to Magnum recoil. She shoots the '06 into 1.5" at 100 yards from a hastily set up bipod. Her 50yard groups from cross sticks with a .58 cal sidelock run about 2.5". She has shot a .50 BMG well, and asked only for more ammo. Silly girl.

While she might, maybe, have tried a moose with the Roberts, brown bear of any kind would not be attempted by her, nor allowed by me. I have explained to her what "trolling" means...the other than fishing type that is.

As far as field marksmanship goes, she dumped her last speed goat at a measured 535 yards...with one single shot.

For the bruin? Dad is inclined to think along the lines of a .35 Wheelen.
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