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I picked up an Enfield toady, 4 mk1. It's been sporterized so I may look into getting original stocks and converting it back to original. The thing I'm curious about is, being new to Enfields, is that the magazine only holds 7 rounds. Is that something they did for the civilian market? With it having been sporterized is it going to be possible for me to get original stocks and bring it back to original? Thanks for any info.
I am new to enfields but I have never heard of a 7 round mag. to my knowledge both the no1 and no4/5 rifles used 10 round mags(though slightly different designs). is it possible that you picked up one of the rarer ones that is chambered in 7.62x51?
what are the markings on the reciever?
BMP is usually stamped at the front of the reciever on british models, canadians are stamped longbranch, savage arms are marked US PROPERTY. I'm not sure about the ishapores or the ausies. are the markings neat and ledgible or do they look like they were scratched on with a diaper pin?
if your rifle bears any of the aforementioned markings then it is not a 308 chambered rifle and is more than likely using a cheap aftermarket mag and from all accounts there never did seem to be a decent aftermarket mag produced for the enfield.
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