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Gentelmen, I would like to make two points:

1. The hits were scored after he focused on the front sight. My "rule" of IPSC is "The steel plate always falls to the first shot AFTER the unnecessary reload" - shooters miss, and switch to just blasting, rather than taking a second to settle on the front sight and HITTING the target.

2. I know this is a gun forum, but when I was training our agents, I kept teaching them to remember "the big peddle on the right". If the outlaw gets out shooting, use the big peddle and make him a hood orniment! Or, reverse and exit the kill zone.

We need to use all the weapons at our disposal, not just guns. Few guns, if any, have more 'stopping power' than a car at 25-30 MPH. Lets use our brains - not every problem is best solved with a gun!
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