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There were a couple of funny scenes in one of the early John Wayne movies I watched. First he draws his gun and as he brings it up it, he fires it prematurely at about a 45 degree angle into the ground. They switch the view to show a guy with his gun out up on a rooftop drop dead.

Then, whenever one of the good guys starts to talk about standing up against the bad guys in town, suddenly they will be mysteriously shot dead. No one knows where the shot came from. In the middle of the street there is a stump. There's no shrubbery growing off of it or anything, a bare stump. You can plainly see a hole in it (gun port) and the top is cut all the way around making a hinged lid. No one has noticed this, but JW figures it out and the next time he pulls open the lid and yanks the shooter out by his collar.

I do like the shootout in Open Range, the smoke and sound make it a lot more realistic looking and sounding then most shootouts. Also the music they play in the Clint Eastwood Unforgiven when he goes into the bar and takes care of business really sounds ominous. Mark
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