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I have a USFA rodeo 45 Colt, 4 3/4" barrel. If you load a full sized 250 gr. bullet and a full sized, not shortened, 45 Colt case full of enough quality blackpowder so that the bullets compresses it a little when seated, it bucks and roars pretty good. In cowboy shooting I normally shoot 44 special or 44 Russian full strength black powder loads(200 gr.) bullet and they don't recoil as much. There can be a huge difference in the velocity and recoil just based on which blackpowder you use, with everything else remaining the same. If you load that same 250 gr bullet with a case of cheap, weak 2f powder and then load a case with high quality 3f black powder (same volume), you will see quite a difference.Smokin Gator
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