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Need advice from veterans please

Took my newSig P938 to the range a few weeks ago and had many FTEs with my reloads. Tried Winchester white box (WWB) during the same range session with about the same results. Since then I have read others have been having the same issue with WWB and a couple of people recommended Federal Champions. Took to the range a 2nd time with shorter (1.149 avg.) reloads, WWB, and Federals. The reloads and WWB were a little better this time and the Federals ran through without a hiccup. It appears like the length isn't the issue as the 2nd batch of reloads were the same length as the Federals. Reloads are loaded at the lower end of the powder range. My new theory is maybe the Federals have more "juice" than my reloads and the WWB? I'm thinking about loading a few reloads to near max powder and try that to test my theory. What is your guys' take on the issue and do you think more powder may be the answer?
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