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I was reading some pages and saw a post I have to reply to shooting with bifocals

When I reached 40, I had a terrible time seeing my front sight.
Because I am an Optician I started playing around with what would help me.
When I got it perfected, friends, folks at the range started asking me if I could make the glasses for them. In my old shop I had articles in Field and stream December 2007 pages 46 and 48 and then in Gunblast by leroy thompson/safevision.

What I have come up with is a higher quality press on bifocal that goes on top of your dominant eye's lens. with teh lens on top, you then return to proper shooting stance- leaning into the recoil, chin slightly tucked looking straight down the barrel of the gun.
a normal bifocal is set for 14-16 inches and if your about 6 feet tall, shooting something to a standard 1911 carriage gun- the front sight is going to be about 26 inches away and it will not be focused- I reduce the power of the bifocal and you have almost instant target acquisition and sight picture recovery between shots, is so minimal- you become a much quicker shooter.
I have many Law enforcement Officers, Military and private contractors using this system- Take a look and see what you think-
One of my best accomplishments is "Old Joe" he is a WW2 and Korea Army sargent- he used to shoot 2 times a week, then it became once a weekn thenonce every two weeks, then once a month-, right before he got our glasses, he was going to sell his armory ( now that would be said) because he couldn't hit squat-
The range owners said within two weeks "Old Joe" was back and the "kids"( 40 and 50 year olds) do not like getting beat by an Old man!
"Old Joe" is back to shooting in his league and has that swagger, that age took away from him-

I think we have way too many shooters, that stop shooting, not because they stope enjoying shooting, They quit because they cant see what they are aiming at

thanks Chris-
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