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Originally Posted by Jo6pak
wonder how many of the armchair quarterbacks have ever actually been shot at.
Why is that relevant? Are those the only people who can offer any useful thoughts on this subject?

The whole point of analyzing such scenarios is not to criticize the heroism of the people involved; but to learn from their mistakes. Another useful outcome of these discussions is to think about possible decision-making problems now and develop a response in the nice, calm, comfort of the glowing computer monitor, rather than try to think up the correct response in a fraction of a second while someone shoots at you.

If we aren't going to analyze these because it is "armchair quarterbacking" then we are depriving ourselves of a very useful tool in learning.

At the end of the day he was breathing and the criminal was not. Sounds like a successful outcome to me.
Unquestionably a successful outcome; but the big question is was it successful BECAUSE of what he did or IN SPITE of it? There are no shortage of cases of people being successful in spite of their actions rather than because of them. As a living example of that case, I appreciate that the mere fact that you succeeded doesn't always indicate you had a good approach to the problem.
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