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What if I told you.............

............That you could have one of these brand new bayonetts made by Victorinox, un-numbered with the sheath for $60.00 each? Would you be interested?
An American distributor in the US is thinking about it now, but the purchase is so huge that they're hesitating, not knowing the demand. They fit the k11, k31 and the zfk55.

I'm trying to find out, and this has nothing to do with us at SP.


There are only 500 of these in the packing cases. Once in a lifetime thing.
Check out what the usual cost is in the US.

I have my order in for two, but I'll be happy with one. They won't reserve them but there's now an auto-email thing set up for them.


The bayonet is now on our website.

We are not taking orders for it at this time and we won’t until the shipment is on our dock and we’ve had a chance to inspect it.

Anyone interested can log onto our site now (they may need to create an account), pull up item # MSAK51BAY, and select the “E-mail me when it’s back in stock” option. As soon as the product is received into our system, they will receive an e-mail at which time they can place an order. This does not guarantee they will receive one but it does mean they will receive e-mail notification at approximately the same time they will be made available for sale.

I wish I had a "foot in the door" on this one, but I don't. I tried the Dealer Log-In, but they won't give a break even to a dealer on these. Oh, well... For 60 bucks I'm not going to cry.


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