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The RCBS 5-0-5 and 10-10 are great scales, and are easier to read than the Lee Safety Scale. They would be my recommendation.

If you want a digital scale, buy a quality scale (at least $100) that is branded by a reloading company (not a retailer).

Don't buy cheap digital scales. The majority do not handle powder trickling very well, even though some of them that are marked as "reloading scales" (like most at Cabela's ). They are designed to weigh single items, all at once; or they have rather large incremental weight increases. They don't have the resolution needed to properly register small increases in charge weight, while trickling powder. Cheaping out on your scale is just asking for trouble.
The load cell might be accurate to 0.1 grain, but the actual display depends on how the rest of the circuitry processes that data. Usually, it doesn't process it very well, at all...
In my latest experimentation with a Cabela's scale (labeled for reloading), I was able to trickle 37 grains of powder into the scale pan, with the scale only reading 17 gr. ...and it was properly zeroed ...
I've discussed the reasoning in other threads, in the past. Here's a link to the thread with the above quote: (Post #8)
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