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I spent my first year of shotgun shooting with only the very tip of the bottom of the pad on my collar bone. That used to make other people cringe when I pulled the trigger, but it didn't bother me one bit.

I then started to put the gun down where it belongs and learned to shoot it from my shoulder. Took a few sessions to get used to it, but it works for me now. Just have to bend my neck more than I used to.

I no longer use the mid bead after shooting my friends new Beretta which came with no mid bead. Was unusual at first but now it seems natural.

We have a guy that shoots Trap with his .28 gauge, 3/4 ounce load, breaks them just fine. Doesn't smoke them, but still gets the same score!

He also shoots Sporting Clays with a .410 gauge gun. It amazes me how well he does with that little gun, makes me feel bad when I can't beat him!
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