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Over the years I have taken a number of first timers to the range, both male and female, several of whom were strong gun control advocates. One fellow was of the firm conviction that only police and military should have firearms. It took conversations over the course of almost two years before he was persuaded to give it a try.

Based on my experience I would suggest spending some time at home or someplace free of distractions that offers some degree of privacy.

I would use this time to show the neophyte how the firearm is loaded / unloaded, made safe, held and fired.

Determine the new shooters dominant eye and instruct in the fundamentals of using the sights and acquiring the target.

Encourage the new shooter to dry-fire while explaining / demonstrating what to expect - particularly in regards to an autoloader with an emphasis on keeping the weak hands thumb from behind the slide and fingers out of the path of the op-rod of the rifle. At the range the new shooters grip is one of the things that should be monitored early on and safe grip habits reinforced, hazardous ones immediately corrected.

The "to be ingrained" safety rules have already been well covered.

It shouldn't take too long for the new shooter to acquire some comfort with the firearms and this should translate to a bit of confidence at the range.

At the range be the first to fire the weapon so the new shooter can observe.
Place the target at about 10 ft./pistol about 20 ft./rifle. Increase as appropriate.

With all the shooters I have introduced I have used a BHP and an M1 carbine.
They ALL enjoyed the experience. While some went no further many went on to own their own gun and several now have their CWP. The fellow that took two years to persuade is one with a CWP.

As with all things on the internet take this for what you think it is worth. All I can say is it works well for me and I'm comfortable with it.

Respect & Regards All -- Al

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