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LEE makes some pretty good stuff. They also make some pretty bad stuff (from what I hear). I have a set of LEE dies that I'm less than fond of, but I have to admit .... they work. I have several LEE products including five LEE bullet molds and a LEE lead pot. The bullet molds work very well once you get the hang of using them. The difference between LEE and most other bullet molds is that LEE molds are aluminum and most other molds are steel. Casting with aluminum has a learning curve. LEE gets bashed a lot, but realistically some of it is probably not deserved.

I suspect that like the bullet molds, some of the LEE equipment is made from materials that other manufacturers avoid.

I also have a lot of RCBS equipment. I have to say both the equipment and the customer service is top notch. I am inclined to suggest that you purchase RCBS equipment.
David Bachelder
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