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Originally Posted by SSG-Gibb
I Have been reloading since I was 3years old "dad started me on a tumbler " and have been hooked ever since. My reloading room, (or panic room as the wife calls it ) has 5 RCBS rockchuckers each set up is Cal spicific. 1 herters OLD cast iron press, 2 Dillon 550s one for 45acp ONLY never gets changed. and the other swapps out between all the straight walled cals I own, and ONE Lee press for my 50 BMG. I have had more then a few problems with that lee to the point that I had to redesign the handle that drives the piston up into the press do in NO small part to the POT-METAL type cast part used on the lee press. AFTER redesigning the handle to function the same as my RCBS presses it works B E A UTIFULLY. Go FIGURE! NOT that I don't like the lee!!!! Just that I LOVE MY DILLONS and RCBS.
Lee does not use Potmetal in its presses. Potmetal is a specific set of alloys. The word is a term of art and very specific in its meaning and misusing it is misleading (though many people do it - even me on occasion).

Some of Lee's presses have weaknesses in the linkage (which have been improved on the Classic Cast and Classic Turret). What model of press gave you the problem and what exactly was the problem? I have never seen the 50BMG-capable press, but it surprizes me that Lee would put out a press for THAT cartridge which was not strong enough.

Not arguing with you, but intensly curious.

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