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The A400 here may choke on 3/4 oz loads. It took a while to make it reliable with 7/8 oz stuff, but now it eats them w/o a glitch.

I do load 3/4 oz in 12 gauge for new shooters. Oft these are for the little 12 gauge H&R single with the 12" LOP that I loan out to new, pixie sized shooters.

Here's the recipe, I think. I'm at work and can't look at my notes.

Remhull, Gun Club, STS or Nitro.

Win 209 primer.

16 gr Clays.

CB 1 oz wad, the clone to the WAA12SL.

3/4 oz of hard premium shot.

Zero wad pressure.

I don't have crimp problems with this and require no Cheerio or other filler for a good seal.

Busts targets as well as any out to 35 yards.

Even in that 5.5 lb single, recoil is minute.

In 20 gauge, I load up 3/4 oz loads using Hodgdon's data for Universal Clays.

They will not reset the triggers in my SKB O/U but work very well in an 870.
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