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Originally Posted by Wild Bill Bucks
got an inline powder rifle so I could take advantage of the 1 week season, whether in rained or not. This kept me from sitting all day in the rain, waiting on that one good shot, and having the gun putter out because of moisture in my rifle.
There are many simple, easy precautions you can take to prevent moisture from entering a traditional sidelock rifle. People have been doing it for years. You don't NEED an inline for that.

Originally Posted by Wild Bill Bucks
I quickly found out that there were not any traditional rifles that would hold a scope very well, so I had to up-grade my rifles so I could mount a scope on them, which meant going to an inline rifle that was made for a scope.
I have no idea why you would say that there are no traditional rifles that will hold a scope well. What's wrong with the T/C New Englander?

I think you're just making up excuses. If you just prefer an inline, say so.
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