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My grandfather started me hunting & Fishing when I was about 5 years old. My arsenal consisted of a home-made bow and 2 arrows made from hickory shafts,
and an old .22 rifle that was worn out when it was given to me. Although these were pretty simple beginnings, I thought they would harvest an elephant if need be. I got into powder rifles about age 16, and started with an old kit gun, that sometimes worked and sometimes didn't.

As I grew up I got into long bows and factory bought arrows, and a .30-.30 rifle, and my powder rifle was a new percussion cap Thompson that I still own. This worked a lot better until I got to be in my 40's, and started to develop some elbow and shoulder problems. I had to get a crossbow in order to enjoy the archery season, and got an inline powder rifle so I could take advantage of the 1 week season, whether in rained or not. This kept me from sitting all day in the rain, waiting on that one good shot, and having the gun putter out because of moisture in my rifle.

Around the age of 50, I started to need glasses to see my sights, and before to long, even my glasses did not help much, so I looked to put a scope on my powder rifle. I quickly found out that there were not any traditional rifles that would hold a scope very well, so I had to up-grade my rifles so I could mount a scope on them, which meant going to an inline rifle that was made for a scope.

I've lived with all the critics about my going from traditional to modern through the years, and I take it all pretty much in stride, as I see all the points from both sides, and I have enjoyed the time I had with traditional weapons, as well as the modern rifles and equipment.

BUT... My first love is the hunt, and I must do whatever it takes for me to enjoy the sport as long as I possibly can. If I can't make an ethical kill with the weapon I have, then I'm going to up-grade until I can.
Not to step on anyones feelings, as I enjoyed all the weapons I have had, but sometimes you make choices, not out of preference, but from necessity.
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