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In need of some info on my newly acquired s&w 686. Would appreciate value/year and if it has any open recalls on it. ALVxxx
The ALV serial number prefix would indicate late 1985 or early 1986. It will be either a "no dash" or a -1, which you can check by swinging out the cylinder and looking at the part of the frame that's exposed - the model number will be stamped there.

At the same time, look to see if there's also an "M" stamped in that area. The 686 and 686-1 models were part of a recall that also included Models 586, 681, and 581 to correct a condition with the firing pin and bushing, which could cause the gun to lock up when firing certain hot loads. My understanding is that S&W will still do this fix at no cost, and will also pay for shipping both ways. Not everyone has the problem and not everyone has the modification done. My recommendation would be to get it done if needed, and absolutely get it done if you ever anticipate using the gun for SD.

There's a thread currently running about 686 values that you may want to check out. Although there are differing opinions, my sense is that depending on condition and where you're located, value could range from around $500 to $650 or so.
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