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^ I think you're right about that.

But someone really has to have an axe to grind to leak documents. Whistleblower Protection Act lets you go to the authorities (including congress), when you think that the law is being violated, it doesn’t cover you for leaking documents.

When Holder was made the AG, he spoke about being an activist AG, about using the position of AG to change the country. Being activist and choosing one area of law enforcement to focus on is one thing, but using agencies to fabricate a falsehood on a grand scale and put it over on the American public – that’s another thing.

My hope is that there are thousands and thousands of career law enforcement professionals at the various bureaus and within DOJ itself who just want to see the various agencies do their jobs, and don’t want to see the agencies used to manipulate public opinion for a political agenda.

Maybe the administration thinks the leak is localized to ATF and the person who is leaking documents doesn’t have access to the memos that passed between people like Lanny Breuer, Burke, Newell, Holder, Napalitano, et all.

As leaks go – this one was weak.
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