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Congrats on starting your search early

Good idea to start early.

What does your Father shoot? What are his shooting goals and habits? Has he dropped any hints? What's your budget?

I suggest you go to your local library and get a copy of "The ABC's of Handloading",

Also these threads may help. So get a large mug of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, whatever you keep on hand when you read and think and read through these.

The "sticky" thread at the top of TheFiringLine's reloading forum is good, entitled, "For the New Reloader: Equipment Basics -- READ THIS FIRST "

The "sticky" thread at the top of's reloading forum is good, entitled, "For the New Reloader: Thinking about Reloading; Equipment Basics -- READ THIS FIRST"

and this one, titled "Interested in reloading"

My post, Minimalist minimal (the seventh post down)

Thread entitled "Newby needs help."
My post 11 is entitled "Here's my reloading setup, which I think you might want to model" November 21, 2010)
My post 13 is "10 Advices for the novice handloader" November 21, 2010)

Good luck and thanks for asking our advice

Lost Sheep
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