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Was working on the reply and rechecking to see if I missed anything
Have read about the cz52being weaker before even though it’s stated to be able to run the rounds for the SMG’s through them
Some of the rounds I did load are too hot for the cz-52 ill just run them through the ppc and check the brass as I go any indications of overpressure I’ll have to buy a puller

Could you post what you book lists?
I tried alient, accurate, hornardy sierra and a bunch of others can’t find anything for it
Don’t know how reliable the stuff I did find online is the same site listed 85g with bullseye 3.3g = 1200 fps and 4.6 = 1076
I generally reload for accuracy so there pretty soft around 700fps but these are just plinking rounds so wanted to load a little hot not max but close
did load a few 90g xtp with bullseye 3.6 & 4.8 blue dot 6.4 & 7.3 and unique 6.0
There’s a shipment of Yugoslavian surplus held up by customs probably should just wait for that to get released

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