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The fans of the 5906 talk about it with reverant awe - like it was the best nine ever.

As guns go - it was just an OK gun, and IMO it was never better than a BHP anyway.

The perp's 5906 stove piped on him and he did a NY reload - downgrading to a 380 auto.

Good for the officer...

What didn't work for the officer:

Gramins let loose with a barrage of rounds hoping that what he might lose in accuracy would be compensated for by its suppressive nature.
What did work:

He paused, took a breath and a second to consciously line his sights up on what he could see of Maddox's head as the man crouched on the downslope of the opposite side of the street. Slowing himself down, Gramins locked in his sights on the suspect's head and fired a three-round volley in rapid succession.
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