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Make sure that your basic safety & marksmanship & gun handling skills are reasonably well developed before you attempt to shoot IPSC/USPSA or IDPA type matches.
The first line of the post can set the tone. This first line will discourage new folks. I acknowledge that an action match is not the place to pull a handgun out of the box and shoot your first handgun ever, but too often I hear new folks wanting to get "good enough" before showing up. Come on out, and be open to learn.

...which may be the OP's point. Going fast before the skills are there does not work.

I will suggest that training should target the end goal. Competition-oriented for the games, combat/tactical class for that goal.

I want a dedicated comp handgun because i'm not modifying my M&P 40 for comp as it's my nightstand gun. Though i can understand some could think it's the gun not the shooter.
I competed with a Glock 17 for a while. Drop the standard capacity 17 rd mag in the nightstand, and game with the 22 rd extended mag. Problem solved.
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