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3/4 oz target loads

As some here know, I have been playing with lowering my target loads to 3/4oz so as to save on shot and reduce recoil to a battered shoulder in need of surgery.

I bought the pink ClayBuster 12 gauge 3/4 oz wads,. and followed the recipe of 16.6 Red Dot, their wad, Gun Club hulls, Nobel Sport 209 primers (in lieu of Rem or Win), and 3/4oz of reclaimed shot

The gun is a Beretta A400 Xplor Unico - the green receiver that shoots up to 3.5" goose loads.

The loads were chrono'd and instead of the published rates of 1250, they were actually running 1038-1068 fps and 6300 psi - almost 200 fps short

currently there are emails flying between me, Alliant and Claybuster as to why the major discrepancy

The results? When I did MY part, these loads absolutely SMOKED targets with the recoil of a 10/22

The Beretta, set up for 3.5" goose loads, handled every shot without failure and threw the empties about 4' to the right - nothing interfered with me being a LH shooter

I know Dave McC is/was using one of the A400 versions, but I can tell you this gun was flawless which really surprised me as I was expecting some issues with light loads and only having 6300 psi, but the gun gets a major THUMBS UP

I am awaiting more details from Alliant, or otherwise I will increase powder to get 1250 and I expect even better results.

I was averaging a 19-20 on the 5 stand with an IC choke, unfamiliar gun (it's the wife's), new reloads, etc.... I suspect with more practice, a LM, and set up for me, the scores will increase

All in all, for those looking for a VERY light load for target or close upland birds like dove or quail -this will work
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