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Sometimes you run into someone who just refuses to die, even with multiple wounds that should have killed them.

I've included a link to a Vietnam War Medal of Honor winner and his ordeal. He had something like 40 different wounds when he finally arrived at a hospital 8 hours after being hit the first time. Eight were major wounds from 7.62X39 rounds including 1 that completely penetrated a lung. He had a bayonette wound, 28 different shrapnel wounds, a broken jaw from hand to hand fighting and a buttstock to his face. His 1st evac. helicopter was shot down, he survived the crash and still helped load wounded onto a 2nd helicopter.

When he arrived at a hospial his intestines were outside his body and when no pulse was found he was declared dead. His eyes were caked shut with blood and mud and he could not open them. He spit in the DR.'s face to let him know he was still alive.

If this guy survived all this, and continued fighting for hours, debating the effectiveness of 45 vs 9mm vs 357 seems a bit pointless.
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