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Thanks I see some problems you all have had butt not to bad really . Maybe I should cut them a little slack .

All I ordered was ammo ,fire control group , some springs and something else I can't think of right off hand . Nothing major no guns ,uppers or lowers .

I do here that there free shipping summer sale has backed them up .

Really it came down to them taking my money and not shipping my items . If they had not charged my card I would just be thinking PSA is slow and would not have even thought of writing this thread . It really erks me that I've paid for something that I have know idea when i'll get it . They have told me a couple of times now when it would ship and it didn't .

I agree with the others who think if there CS was a little ( or a lot ) better they would be the next midway or amazon . They do have some good prices and some good stuff but as of now im not sure if i'll ever order from them again . There is plenty of other places out there that will take my money ( and maybe even give me things in return for that money )

For example . In the last week I have spent $500 on gun stuff and not once did I consider going with PSA even though I could have got 90% of it from them .. If they only new how gun crazy I am right now ( $5,000 easy in the last 3 months on guns and gun related items ) and im far from done, hell Im just getting started .oh well, there loss .

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