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Everything new has problems that's why it took that little Swiss guy some time to iron out the kinks and from there he went to developing cartridges, natural progression.

Heck our first family car was an old Ford. If you wanted to go up the hill you had to turn around and go up in reverse or the carburetor would dry up and you are now at a dead stop halfway up the hill. Daddy learned me some new words that day but they fixed the problem.

Now I will admit to drawing the line at loading up a large rifle cartridge and trying to take it deer hunting during muzzle loader season just because it's black powder. Muzzle loaders is muzzle loaders. I'm also a bit aghast at shooters with high power scopes and sabot shells used in a muzzle loader during deer season, taint right. However my gun loads from the front, shoots a round ball .490" in diameter and has iron sights, it just uses a shotgun primer instead of flint. It can't shoot any further than your flintlock....unless you are still using a smooth bore musket?
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