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AR-15 gas block question

After reading quite a bit about this, I have settled on a clamp-on, adjustable gas block with a flip-up front sight. I have my reasons for wanting those 3 features. However, no such object exists. I have a fully functional shop and a lot of metalworking know-how. This is my question:

Should I:
A. Buy an adjustable gas block with a rail on top and attach a flip-up sight

No smithing required...minor benefit
Can choose virtually any sight tower configuration, and change it later if I like...benefit
Sloppy connection between barrel and sight tower??? i dont know if that is true or not, but it seems less firm than an integrated sight would be...major potential disadvantage.


B. Buy a gasblock with an integral flip-up sight and install an adjusting screw (I would probably buy a PRI or a VLTOR, possibly a YHM).

So is a rail-mounted sight less reliable than an integrated sight?

Is there enough room in the GBs with integrated sights for me to install a adjusting screw? I dont know anyone that has one.

Are there other questions I should be asking here?

Any and all feedback or responses welcome!
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