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If someone were buying me a new setup from start to finish I would hope they purchased a Lee Classic Cast Turret for me.

Hey wait, that IS what happened at the start of the year! My lovely wife told me to get whatever I wanted for my 40th and I got a soups to nuts LCT setup. $1000 later I have exactly what I want, from press, stand, dies, ammo boxes, tools, gages, etc. All I needed was components. THAT is a whole different story. The $1000 I spent on hard equipment, storage supplies etc was quickly dwarfed by component costs, but hey, that's the point right? Its when you are buying the components that you really get a sense of the cost savings over factory ammo.

I just loaded rounds 3300-3500 today and could not possibly be happier with the results. Before this year I had never loaded a round and in less than 6 months I am cranking out ammo one complete cartridge at a time (I rarely batch load, whats the point?) that shoots better, costs less and is FAR more rewarding than any factory ammo could ever be.
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