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I have and love my RCBS Rock-Chucker, but the Lee-bashing is SOOOOO ridiculous. RCBS DOES make almost exclusively high-quality equiptment but it costs a lot and in a lot of cases there is a substitute from another company that is just as good and cheaper.

Some... SOME Lee products are less than stellar. Their best presses, however, are wonderful. The Classic Turret and the Classic Cast single-stage presses ARE very high quality and high value. I don't need a press but if I bought another it would be a Classic Turret. Everyone I know that owns one loves it. BY THE WAY, the Safety Scale WORKS GREAT. At least mine does. It's dead-nuts accurate, albeit slow to use. I have no interest in spending a ton more for marginally easier weight measurment (for charges). I do have a cheap digital scale to weigh bullets and cases.

Lee dies get the job done. The materials they are made from may not be as good as RCBS, Redding, ect. but they DO work well. They also come with a shellholder. I use the Collet Neck-Sizing Die in each rifle caliber I load.
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