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Hey Pahoo, THANKS! I know what mange looks like and little more. Its transmitted by tiny mites that may or may not be visible, and once it gets bad the animals become a patch work of bald and balding spots, ultimatley loosing all their hair and death from starvation or infection. It spreads really quickly by contact.

So if we see a mangey squirrel I reckon we should shoot it to keep the rest of the population safe?

Never mind, you already answered it Pahoo. Thanks!
I don't figure that that'll scare her off. I've had ticks AND lyme disease before, thank God she was in my life, cause she litterally drug my stupid feverish tail to a Doc. And our old roommate infested the house with fleas. We'll just let the mangey ones lie.
Hoppes No 9 and spent powder just overtook fresh baked cookies on my list of favorite smells. Don't tell my wife!
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