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Any good load data for 7.62x25 with unique blue dot or bullseye

Been doing some searching and have been finding a lot of discrepancies in the data
One recipes max is less than another’s min and most don’t list velocities probably because of a lack of published data it’s not in my old hornady book so ordered a new lee book not in there either
So figure I’m finding a mix from 7.63 mauser, 7.62x25 pistol & 7.62x25 SMG whatever anyone could find is listed as 7.62x25 tokarev data for pistols
I have unique blue dot and bullseye and would like to use the powder I have on hand
Bullets I have some 90g xtp jhp but need to get more what you would recommend as a cheap bulk bullet to get? What about using plated .308 110g?
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