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FWIW I believe(!) that a license is required to conduct business in making ammo, but is not necessarily required simply to sell a few handloads now and then. IOW it's similar to selling the occasional gun at your local gun show.
Nope. If you manufacture the components or loaded ammunition and sell it, you must be licensed. Anyone can sell loaded ammo or components that they did not produce, but the manufacturer must be licensed to sell their product.

**The ATF classifies even cartridge casings and bullets as "ammunition". So, the license is required even to sell cast lead bullets.

You also have to register with ITAR, even if you're not going to be exporting ammo. The fee for that starts at $2250 per year.
It has come to my attention, recently, that ITAR registration might not be mandatory. (Even though they claim it is.) There seems to be a loophole that allows certain types of manufacturers to skip ITAR registration, in favor of "piggy-backing" on an export company's registration. I can't find the actual regs, though. Consulting a lawyer with relevant experience would definitely be necessary (and should be done for anyone engaging in this type of business, anyway).
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