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congratulations on your model 42

Get that problem you mentioned rectified, buy up some .410 ammo, and prepare to keep a staight face, as you amaze yourself and your friends, by out-shooting their 12 and 20ga guns, making it look easy and fun. Easy because it's a damned fine gun, well designed, with excellent balance and point-ability, which feels like an extention of your arm pointing, swinging thru on targets.............. natural. And fun because the shotgun is so light, so balanced and light weight that it not only makes last second snap-shots on game count effortlessly, but it's probably half to two/thirds the weight of the Model 12, and shells are as well light in weight, and are less bulky to carry afield, making this gun a fun pleasure to shoot, and shoot well. The old saying about .410s was that the gun was for beginners, or experts. I should never have let go of the one I had that was my Dad's. It had a plain bbl w/full choke, and was just very clean otherwise. Nowadays I have a real clean Wingmaster 870 in .410 w/vent-rib bbl, and improved cylinder, that was my Father-inlaw's, but this one's not gettin' away from me. You'll really appriciate that gun by just shooting with it as I have mentioned. Keep your eye out for a Winchester model 37, a uniquely designed single shot .410 break-open, that your boy can gro into first to help teach him. It's even shorter and lighter than the model 42, with a unique design.....the top tang break-open lever is in front of the hammer. That's certainly different, yet it puts the young shooter's handin a closer, more natural position to raise or lower the hammer, I beieve making it safer for new, young shooters, plus you'll have another cool Winchester. I have one myself, and used to have the model 42 as well. Oh well.........
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