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Ok, you got me there. I guess I should have added "wimpy for the given caliber you are dealing with."

In my 460, I load 255 grain lead bullets with 16.0 grains of TB and it lobs them at 1,100 fps. Which is about comperable to a moderately loaded 44 mag. Not exactly wimpy, but when you compare it to a fully stoked 460 load, which is almost double the velocity for a bullet that weight, it is wimpy.

But I just love shooting the Trail Boss loads, no matter what caliber. It's fun to shoot my BFR with TB loads. It's fun to shoot a few rounds of hot stuff but before long, it becomes a chore. TB brings the fun back.

Back to CarbineWilliams. Have you shot your Super Redhawk with 454 loads yet? I also have one as well, and the first couple shots you take with it are a hoot. But by the time you get to the 4th or 5th shot, you'll be wishing it was over(I do anyway). 454s in the SRH kick hard. Trail Boss will be your friend in 454 brass as well, very light recoil in the SRH.

As far as Reloading manuals go, I always tend to come back to the Lyman. But it's always good to have at least two so you can cross check things. Many good online sources as well.

A couple of things to watch when you get to loading 454. It uses magnum small rifle primers(not pistol). But you can use non magnums when using Trail Boss. When making full power loads, you need "magnum" rated bullets that are designed to handle the high pressure. I use Hornady XTP Mags when loading 454 or 460, but there are other choices as well.
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