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Don't make loading .45 more difficult than it needs to be. You can put a lot of time and effort into them if you want to but I haven't seen where it makes much difference in pistol ammo.

I tumble brass (vibrating tumbler) check cases for obvious problems such as cracks. .45 brass doesn't normally wear out all that fast. I make sure my machine is set up correctly and the powder is dropping the proper amount of the right powder. Then it is time to load.

I don't and have never trimmed pistol cases. Rifle cases are a completely different thing.

I also don't clean primer pockets for pistol ammo either. My reloads do work well. I can't see doing all the extra cleaning for pistol cases. They don't seem to stretch like rifle cases do. .45 ammo is a pretty low pressure round. Now if I could shoot well enough to be able to notice 1/4" differences in my groups at 25 yards I might do things differently.
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