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They will know you are there !!!

Okay, a bit hard to appreciate but there are dumb squirrels and smart squirrels. All directly proportional to how hard they have been hunted. Some will come down to take a hard look at you in order to see what you are. Some will keep moving and won't give you much of a shot. All know you are there regardless of what you wear and how you move. Walk up on a "Bark"; Greys sound more like a cat than the Fox. When they bark, they will hold and show themselves but only for a short time. Leavs present a problem for you but will mask your movement. .....

When they first move out of there hole or nest, they are very quiet, scratch and yawn, then start looking for nuts. When the nuts are in, they can be constantly moving. An ethical point is don't be a Nest-Blaster ....

Be Safe !!!
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