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Please Help Me! Where is the serial?

Hey all, I am new here but have been coming here for answers since 2010.

I have a big problem with a rifle that I want to purchase. I don't have any .22 rifles and a friend is giving one up for 40 bucks. There is just one problem, I am very particular when it comes to Law, and I want to identify the serial of this rifle but cant find one.

Here is all the information I know,,

It is a Glenfield MOD 60

The Marlin Firearms Co.
New Haven, Conn, USA
Cal .22LR

There is no serial number AT ALL on the outside of the gun but on the inside if you remove the barrel, on the trigger gaurd is a number...

MD10925 engraved on what holds the trigger....

Also, After removing the contents of the chamber there is a number inside the chamber area on the inside of the barrel......

10884 C1 Newton Newhaven Logo right under that number..

What does this all mean?

Are any of these numbers a serial number?

Does this rifle not have a serial number? Thank You!~

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