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I may be in the minority but I really like the Lee Modern Reloading 2nd Edition. When I started loading at the beginning of this year I read that book cover to cover (except all the load data of course) and then read the ABCs cover to cover. Since then I have loaded just under 3500 rounds of quality ammo with not a single failure (knock on wood). I purchased the Lyman's 49th a few months ago and was pretty disappointed with it to be honest. The load data is not that great. The instruction part is solid, but there is nothing in there that I didnt find in the other 2 books.

I second what Lost Sheep said. Unless you have absolutely no space, I would go with a Lee Classic Cast Turret in a heartbeat for .45 Colt reloading. When you want to use it as a single stage, you can, just as easily as any single stage, and when you want to make hay you can use it as an autoindexing turret press. Couple it with a Lee Press Stand and you can turn any free corner into a production area. Here is a pic of the setup I use.
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