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Apologies for getting off subject of the thread ….

Stuff like scopes, rings, triggers etc are fine but magazines, cases, projectiles etc are not. As i found out.

I once purchased about 400 empty .270 cases from US and thought they are basically scrap metal, they were seized by customs here as an illegal import and furthermore I was “investigated” by the police as to why I needed so much ammunition and if I was stock piling.

Here we are not permitted to have more ammunition than we are likely to use within one year, this is a pretty open ended statement I know.

I was contacted by the police and was asked why I needed so much ammunition? I explained that it is just empty cases, and was told that is classified as importing ammunition. They still demanded I explain why I needed so much. I said if I went to the range once a month and shot 100 rounds each time that would be 1200 a year. Eventually they were happy with that and said I now need to submit an importation application to the firearms branch.

Then it took about another 4 months to process. Once I obtained the temporary import permit I went to customs and got screwed around for another 3 or 4 hours with red tape there until I finally got my cases. All up it took nearly 6 months and I was made to feel like a terrorist plotting to go on a shooting spree, all for 400 empty cases.

Here in Australia our government don’t really like guns, it is not that we can’t import these things but it is intentionally made so difficult that most people will just give up trying, it is getting this way with obtaining a firearms licence as well, don’t make it illegal just make it so hard no one try’s. That’s how a pathetic government ends up getting what they want.

Sorry for the long rant….
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