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FWIW I believe(!) that a license is required to conduct business in making ammo, but is not necessarily required simply to sell a few handloads now and then. IOW it's similar to selling the occasional gun at your local gun show.


"Hey buddy, I've noticed that those .308 handloads of yours shoot really well. Can you load 40 rounds for me? I'll give you some money to cover your costs." - OK

"Can I buy 200 boxes to stock my gun store?" - NOT OK

Mandatory Disclaimers:
  • I could be wrong about this. If so, someone please edu-ma-cate me- I'm curious, and you won't hurt my feelings.
  • I do not intend to suggest that I would personally engage in this type of transaction. I wouldn't, due to my fear that one of my handloads might blow up someone else's pride and joy.
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