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Congrats on your decision. I love my LNL. The 110 is designed for the US to run on 110 volts current. The 220 is for foreign markets and 220 volts.

I have set up 3 LNL's, one for me, one for my son and, one for a friend. I have the case feeder. I don't have the bullet feeder. Since you are new I have a couple of recommendations.
1) Set up your LNL press on a SOLID bench. Preferably attached to a wall at the back.
2) Don't install the case feeder or bullet feeder until you get the LNL running smoothly. After you fully understand the operation of your press and have it running smoothly, install the case feeder. After you get that running smoothly, then install the bullet feeder.

It is important to remember that there is a LOT going on while you are operating a progressive press. Each stage of the reloading process must be perfectly tuned to run in sequence other wise you will have trouble. Contrary to what some Blue owners tell you, no progressive press runs perfectly out of the box. They ALL require a little "tweaking" to get them to run. The case feeder has a couple issues that are easily solved. PM with your e-mail and I'll forward pictures to you.

Above all else, read the instructions and follow them to the letter. Watch the DVD through at least twice before you jump into setting up. If you have questions, CALL HORNADY CUSTOMER SERVICE. They are wonderful.
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