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Help please! First time squirrel hunter looking to make this easy for his wife!

Alright TFL members. Once again I come to you for advice, already assured that it will be of high quality.
My wife wants to shoot squirrels, I want to eat squirrels, go outside, and shoot more challenging targets; therefore we’re going squirrel hunting.
I’ve done my VA Hunter’s Education course, and feel confidant that we can both harvest the animals humanely, but neither of us has ever hunted, furthermore we have no mentor.

SO how do we go about bagging squirrels? We’ve done our research, and Scouting starts Friday, but do y’all have any tips/techniques/things-to-avoid?

Also what should we carry? I’m thinking the normal BSA daypack gear. Water, first aid kit, map and compass (I want to be able to go back to the good spots) no cook high cal food, matches, tinder, and para-cord.
To that I’m adding a bigger fixed blade camp knife, extra ammo, ?a light plastic cutting board? see game handling thread, frozen water bottles and Ziploc bags.
Am I missing anything? And what’s the best way to haul the ice, bags, and hopefully dead squirrels: in a small soft-sided cooler, or in the bottom of the pack?

Thanks in advance, I’ll be happy just to get outdoors, and see the rodents, even if I can’t get a shot off. My wife says she is too, but I really want to make this trip both as smooth and easy as possible, and hopefully she’ll get something.
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