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Decided on Hornady

Hey again all!

I've decided to go hornady, I got to play with one today and it's just so SMOOTH!! It also has (essentially) all of the features that I'm concerned with. Plus, and I didn't even realize this at first, it is so easy to change calibers! once you get your dies setup in the bushings, just twist and out they come. It also doesn't hurt that the powder measure is cake to install and uninstall.

Since I've decided on the hornady, I'm just gonna go ahead and get the ammo plant. It comes with everything I want/need and then some but there is one thing that is bugging me: What is the difference between the 110VT and 220VT? The prices between the two seem to vary only slightly but sometimes as much as $200. I can't seem to find any explanation of the difference of these two. Can anyone explain this for me?

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