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Yep. I'm about 45 min from Lodi. Back in the early 70's I bought 3 BP guns from The Log Cabin. One .58cal H&R Hunter, which was an H&R single shot with a plugged breech, an 1861 Navy and a Colt Pocket Police in .36 cal. The prices at the time were very reasonable IIRC. All of them were fun to shoot. I really wanted a TC or a Hawken, but $$$ weren't there for it . A few weeks ago I took a drive over to Lodi to have a look see at what they had. They've cleared out quite a bit from what they had before. I'm really giving some serious thought to getting back into the BP end. I'll have to see how my time goes in the next year.

Yep, locals call it ma-DIE-na. LOL at least they get the low-die right for Lodi.
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