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.38 Special, Serial Number 26XX.
Zuben, I've been trying to figure out what you've got for a while, but I'm stumped for the moment. A .38 Special, 6-shot, hand ejector like yours (I'm filling in the 6-shot from the photo, but that's what it looks like), should be the common .38 M&P. The problem I'm having is that with that very low serial number the gun would date to the first year of production (1899), and 1st Model M&Ps did not have a barrel lug. It also appears to be a square butt, and 1st Models were reportedly all round butt. Perhaps someone who's better with this than I am can weigh in, but in the interim, two questions: First, is that the entire serial number? It would appear to be from the photo, but please confirm that (and also that it's 6-shot). Second, does the S&W logo appear anywhere on the gun? There were many copies made - yours appears genuine from the photo, but some of the copies can be pretty convincing.

I just got a SW 28-2 with serial # N600xxx.
1979 to 1980, most likely 1979. For value, scroll back up a few posts. If by "good condition" you mean "good" in the context of valuing firearms, then subtract $100 or so. If it's more like what TEBrown described for his gun, then yours would be of similar value.

I just purchased a 12-2 airwieght 2" nickel in the box and never fired. serial is 2D48xxx
1979-1980. Model 12s originally (introduced 1952) came with an alloy cylinder, which would make the gun considerably more valuable and also dangerous to fire. I think yours would be well past the time that the cylinders were changed to steel, but you should check (with a magnet). Assuming steel cylinder, I'd say it's worth about $650 to $700, though you may need to hold out until the right collector comes along - the book says to double that if it's alloy.

Added to the S&W revolver family with a cherry Model 19-4 serial 57K0xxx.
1980, presumably very early 1980. The range that year was 57K0001 to 91K6800
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